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List of Ballads

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Bold William Taylor

Whiskey in the Jar

Cruel Sister

Cruel Mother

The Elfin Knight (this is a tricky one, unless you read into it all the obscure sexual innuendo going on between the elf and the maid)

The Grey Selchie

Suil a Run

The Blacksmith

Sheath and Knife (I'm most familliar with version 2)


Silver Dagger


Barbara Allen

Daemon Lover/House Carpenter

The Bonny Hind

The Maid on the Shore

Bruton Town


Claudy Banks or Shores of Waterloo and all the hybrids

False Sir John

Eppie Morrie

Tam Lin (my favorite is the Anne Briggs version)

Fair Margaret and Sweet William


The Digital Tradition is an awesome place to find the lyrics to these songs!

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