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Stuff I'm working on

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 Stuff in the works



  • If you want to playtest it, by all means, please do as is.
  • Penalties and rewards.
  • Using chips. The rules have a few details on playing with chips. Feedback on using chips is strongly needed!

  • Wagering and making deals with the person who also plays your character, or with your opposing character ("Let me be a single girl if I can't be your bride!") Willie could agree to it and still kill Polly because...
  • You cannot alter the ending. Pretty Polly's gonna die, no matter what happens in the middle. But anything can happen off screen at the end. Does Polly crawl out of her grave (as my Dogs character did)? Is Sweet Willie hanged for killing Pretty Polly, or is he acquitted? Does he marry the jealous cousin? Does he kill the jealous cousin? Does the jealous cousin kill Sweet Willie, because s/he was actually in love with Pretty Polly


Please let me know how your playtest goes! Email me(see sidebar), or post a platest AP at the Forge, or talk about it on this wiki.

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